My signature below indicates that I understand the delinquent tax sale to be held on March 4, 2019 at 204 State Street, Harrisburg, Nebraska will be held in a manner which is in accordance with state law, 77-1807:

The person who offers to pay the amount of taxes due on any real property for the smallest portion of the same shall be the purchaser, and when such person designates the smallest portion of the real property for which he or she will pay the amount of taxes assessed against any such property, the portion thus designated shall be considered an undivided portion.  If no person bids for a less quantity than the whole, the treasurer may sell any real property to anyone who will take the whole and pay the taxes and charges thereon.

I understand and agree that each and every parcel will not be held in a bid down manner; furthermore I understand each parcel will be sold at 100%. I am in voluntary agreement with this procedure and do not wish to bid down any parcel.  With all participants in agreement with a “no bid down” I also understand that the sale will be held in a “round robin” procedure and each participant will have the opportunity to purchase delinquent taxes on a parcel when it is their turn.  I also understand that if I “pass” when it is my turn, I will need to wait until it is my turn in the next round. (Meaning, all other participants receive a CHANCE to purchase before it is my opportunity again).  

Tax sale procedures will be announced at 9:00 o’clock.


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